Sunday, March 11, 2012

Penumbra Goes Steampunk

Penumbra's Steampunk Issue Now Released
by Dianna L. Gunn

This month's issue of Penumbra has just come out and I am amazed. I'm not too familiar with steampunk—knowing little more than that I like it and that nobody seems to give me steampunk books—so this issue of Penumbra was incredibly satisfying for me to read, like a chocolate doughnut after a week of dieting.

Let me take you on the tour...

The Fiction

The Jade Tiger by Rachael Acks—Captain Marta Ramos makes a raid on a tip and then steals her informant's most prized possession.

The Star of India by A.J. Bell—RenĂ© Santiago learns that he is not the best thief in the world.

Song of passing grief by James Beamon—the song of a woman's loss leads Russian soldiers to their doom.

The Time Maching by Stephen Smith—Harlan goes back in time again and again, until he can't make it back in one piece.

A Thousand Words by Shannon Leight—A photographer whose camera discovers secrets finds her career in serious danger.

The Non-fiction

Editorials by Celina Summers and Coreen Montagna—Celina, our editorial director, introduces us to steampunk from her recovery position while Coreen Montagna, our acting director, talks about why writers need an editor.

Foglio Interview by Brandie Tarving—meet the Foglios, creators of Girl Genius, who will introduce you to the concept of gaslamp fantasy and discuss some of their more recent exploits.

Terra Incognito by Richard C. White—This month's article discusses creating a map for your world—complete with pictures of a map he's created.

Back of Beyond by Lori Basiewicz—comparing steampunk to fairytales and using examples from Girl Genius, Lori shows how steampunk writers create suspension of disbelief in their readers.

Interview with Gini Koch by Dianna L. Gunn—This month I had the opportunity to interview Gini Koch, best known for her Alien series published by DAW—and slightly less well known for several works here at Musa.

With five great stories and several non-fiction features, this month's issue of Penumbra will round out your reading list quite nicely. All you need to get your steampunk fix this month is $3.99. You can buy this issue of Penumbra here. To purchase a subscription and make sure you get your reading fix all year, click here.

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Ann Montclair said...

Looks like must read to me! Congrats.