Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Moment in Heaven with William R.A.D. Funk

If Heaven was designed specifically for writers, what would it be like?

If Heaven were designed with writers in mind it would be a magical place for sure. In many religions, Heaven is often considered a place filled with reward for a life well spent, ethically speaking. What then would sufficiently reward a writer beyond all measure?

Some would argue wealth, fame, or a wide base of eager fans. But those are merely byproducts of successful writing in our mortal society, not the purpose of it.

It is often said that writing is a form of telepathy mixed with a pinch of time travel. Where a writer distills his thoughts and ideas into the written word, a reader then receives the ideas by absorbing those words; the writer's thoughts and ideas are effectively transferred to the reader without direct communication--telepathy. Better than an oral exchange of ideas, writing can transmit those thoughts into the future for readers not yet born.

Why does this relate to writer heaven? Because this time traveling telepathy is at the heart of why a writer writes, and is only fitting that their heaven would reflect this.

In Heaven, a writer would no longer need to distill his thoughts into words, whether written or voiced. Each writer would be gifted with a malleable space of infinite size, from which they could shape at will to the form of their thoughts.

No more would hundreds of readers walk away with hundreds of different interpretations of a single written work. Those of an open mind, invited by the writer, could experience all the sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells of the story created. As if a viewer could rise from his seat at a movie theater and walk through the silver screen into the depicted world itself.

Imagine if the reader's mind was no longer limited by their own life experiences. They would be served by Asimov's robots, their mechanical grace and unerring logic plain to see; Tolkien's dwarves would stand by the reader in the heat of battle, their unwashed stench potent and their guttural curses deafening; Turtledove's alien bombs would drop on the alternative history of World War II era Europe, blast waves trembling the ground beneath the reader's feet. A character's feelings would be felt, not simply described.

A writer's dream is to communicate their thoughts and ideas flawlessly to an audience. It only stands to reason that a writer's heaven would be the paradigm for this endeavor.

William R.A.D. Funk is a native Floridian living abroad in Canada with his wife Andrea. William, a former civil engineer and police officer, has turned in his badge to write under the umbrella of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. He is currently working on a series of short stories.

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